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Storey Gallery is the name of an organisation, not of a venue. We were based in the Storey Institute for 22 years, but we have moved out and are no longer running exhibitions in the gallery space. Events now taking place there are not organised by Storey Gallery.

We have shifted our focus to concentrate on projects in public spaces. To reflect this change in activity, we are now operating as StoreyG2.
Our first project is about landownership, focussed on a site on the edge of Lancaster known as Freeman's Wood. More details

We are currently seeking restoration of The Tasting Garden by Mark Dion. Information and link to petition here

Information about our past activities can be found in our archive.

You can discover what else is happening in Lancaster Arts City.

  •  - Landed (Freeman's Wood)
  •  - Landed (Freeman's Wood)
  • Mark Dion - 'The Tasting Garden'

Landed (Freeman's Wood)

1st April 2014


Landed (Freeman's Wood)

25th March 2014

Projects beyond the gallery

'The Tasting Garden'

Mark Dion

1st April 1998

Projects beyond the gallery