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Storey Gallery is the name of an organisation, not of a venue.

Storey Gallery was based in the Storey Institute for 22 years. Sadly, due to the impacts of a succession of funding cuts, we are no longer organising exhibitions in the splendid gallery space in The Storey. Events now taking place there are not organised by Storey Gallery.

We are planning to provide a different type of visual art programme for the Lancaster area in future. Our first project will be about landownership, focussed on a contested plot in Lancaster known as Freeman's Wood. More details will be available soon.

Information about our past activities can be found in our archive.

You can discover what else is happening in Lancaster Arts City.

  •  - Landed (Freeman's Wood)
  • Mark Dion - 'The Tasting Garden'
  •  - Lancaster Arts Partnership
  • NorthbyNorthWest - Why Art Works
  • Paul Rooney - HOMER - HEPHAESTUS
  • Tod Hanson - Public artwork for The Storey

Landed (Freeman's Wood)

25th March 2014

Projects beyond the gallery

'The Tasting Garden'

Mark Dion

1st April 1998

Projects beyond the gallery

Lancaster Arts Partnership


Lancaster Arts Partnership

Projects beyond the gallery

Why Art Works


NorthbyNorthWest report

Projects beyond the gallery


Paul Rooney

On view now, The Storey 1st floor corridor

Projects within the building

Public artwork for The Storey

Tod Hanson

On view, in the Storey Institute entrance-way and staircase, and on a film of the artist's talk

Projects within the building